Lead Abatement


Peril Canada’s Lead Abatement Services include:


Determine whether you have lead contamination

There’s no easy way to tell just by looking at it unless you’re using specialized diagnostic equipment.

Advise if detected levels pose a health risk

Exposure to lead may exhibit a wide variety of symptoms ranging from headaches to potentially fatal illnesses.

Permanently remove lead

Lead must be removed and disposed of by a trained professional observing strict safety protocols.

Did you know?

"Residents who live in homes built before the mid-1950s can submit a tap water sample to the City for testing, free of charge, to help determine the amount of lead in the water."

Do you suspect your building or home might be contaminated with lead?

Recently constructed buildings are less likely to contain lead, however, any older building might have some degree of contamination.

Even if the lead was not used as material for your building, it could still be present in the form of lead paint. It can also have accumulated from leaded gasoline fumes that entered into the ventilation system.

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What should you do if you suspect the presence of lead?

If you suspect your building may be contaminated with lead, the first step is to contact a lead abatement contractor like as Peril Canada. Our professionals will conduct a thorough assessment and determine whether lead is present and advise if that amount poses a health risk.

Why Hire Our Lead Abatement Services?

Lead is incredibly harmful to the human health. If you think that there might be lead present in your building, you should contact Peril Canada as soon as possible. Our company has been servicing the Greater Toronto Area for years and we are one of the most renowned Lead Abatement service providers in Canada. We strive to ensure that we create a safe and sound environment for our dear customers and we make no compromises on the health of our clients. That is what earned us our name and made us one of the finest asbestos lead services in the Greater Toronto Area.

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